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With the evolution of the payments landscape and the growing adoption of digital currencies, businesses are looking for a simple way to marry their desire to offer these opportunities to their customers and their desire to diversify their assets in a useful way. Enter AlioPay. Your solution to providing options to your customers with a hands-off, automatic, customizable remittance strategy that meets your specific needs.

At AlioTech, we provide every industry with the tools they need to accept any form of payment and automatically diversify their assets through custom remittance

Our Key Features

Custom Remittance Options

Receive your remittance in any proportion you desire – no matter how your customers pay you.

Alternative & traditional payment types

Create a valuable experience for your customers by allowing them to pay using their preferred method.

Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering

Strict AML and KYC protocol, verifying transactions in real time.


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