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Custom design your remittance

Forward-thinking ecommerce businesses are looking for wholistic opportunities to accept traditional and alternative forms of payment, while affording them the ability to customize their remittance. Every business has different needs; and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a completely customized and self-executing solution to perfectly fit those needs. From chargeback protection, asset diversification, abbreviated settlement times, compliance, and more – our solution is right for you

Behind our services

A simple API integration with your current shopping cart or e-commerce platform is all it takes. Our smart contracts dictate the remittance strategy that fits your needs – and they self-execute! This gives you time to focus on your customers while we take care of any currency conversions/exchanges necessary. Our goal is to enhance your offerings to your customers, ease the burden of diversifying your business’s assets, and shorten the time between your sale and your settlement – all while remaining compliant with AML and KYC protocols with standard customer verification techniques.

Why Alio Tech?

  • Capitalize on new technologies

    Our self-executing custom remittance program allows you to expand your customer offering without concern for exchanges or conversions.

  • Get Paid Faster

    Abbreviated settlement times, getting you paid faster than many other payment processing solutions available today.

  • Complete Payment Gateway

    Integrating traditional and alternative forms of payment can improve your business verticals and introduce you to new users/customers.

  • Fully Custom

    Our smart contract integrations allows you to fully customize your accepted forms of payment and your remittance structure.

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